Lewisham specialise in all aspects of interior design including new builds, major renovations, remodelling, room additions, minor uplifts to refresh and more.Our company portfolio of work showcases a diverse and exciting range of Melbourne interior design and decoration projects, while we also consult with clients based interstate and overseas.

We look to achieve sophistication, elegance and a warm, inviting appeal into each of our residential and commercial projects near Canterbury, Hawthorn, Kew & Toorak to inspire life, promote excelled work productivity and enhance lifestyles.

Services provided by our Interior Designers

Our experienced design team offer a diverse range of services to assist you with every aspect of your project including:

Planning, Concept & Design Development

The initial stage of the design process involves developing an in depth understanding of your design goals and all that you would like to achieve with your project. We will discuss your wish list and build an overall plan considering budget and final execution.

Once the planning stage has been undertaken, we will be ready to establish an overall concept working through ideas, styles, colours, finishes and fabric options to see what appeals as a starting point with which to develop further.

Design Development
Upon gaining a feel and understanding for the project’s concept, the design development stage will involve working through the spatial planning, interior and exterior detailing, architectural elements, custom joinery and furniture and furnishings, dependent on the scope of the project.

Selections & Documentation

Our team prides itself on sourcing a generous range of quality finishes, fabrics, fittings and fixtures that are not only practical but also a little bit special.Our studio contains an expansive, growing library of the latest products and finishes that appeal to a range of applications, styles and budgets.

Design & Working Drawings
The team at Lewisham specialise in spatial planning, interior detailing and custom joinery for residential through to specialist showroom and commercial applications.Drawings are thorough and documented with a high level of detail and information.

All selections are meticulously detailed into a ‘Specifications Schedule’ which lists all of the selections, details, codes, colours and other important instructions integral to the success of the design execution.This document may be provided to all involved in the project to ensure that the suppliers tradespeople, designers and clients are all on the same page!

Trade Work Consulting

We specialise in all aspects of interior design including new builds, major renovations, remodeling, room additions, minor uplifts to refresh and more. We have a vast network of architects, builders and trades people for your project or alternatively, we can work in with your preferred trades.

Consistent teamwork and our collaborative approach with our specialised teams will provide you with peace of mind throughout the building or renovating stage of your project. By observing the construction progress, we will ensure that your project is being carried out as per the design intent and throughout the process we will be there to fine-tune any details as work progresses ensuring a seamless transition from beginning to completion.

Furniture & Furnishings

Lewisham specializes in the supply of furniture, furnishings, window treatments, artwork, lighting, accessories and more and we have an extensive library on hand to assist filled with the latest in fabrics, furniture, wallpapers and furnishings that is consistently updated to cater to all styles, tastes and budgets.

We also design high-quality custom furniture and special inbuilt pieces to create an interior truly unique to the individual and working alongside our team are some of the best manufacturers, artisans and suppliers from Australia and around the world.

At Lewisham we look to capture the uniqueness of the individual, introducing a warm, inviting appeal that is timeless and specific to our clients specific set of instructions. Our focus is on enhancing lifestyles, creating productive working environments and transforming the overall feel of an interior and exterior space while ensuring a premium finish.

Our hands-on approach throughout this process is integral to the overall success of the design as we work through the selection and ordering processes, followed by a check measures of all rooms, windows, wall spaces and the noting of important details. Upon the finalizing and placing of the orders, we follow the timing and progress of all items, manage quality control followed by the organizing of all deliveries and installations, ensuring a seamless transition from start to finish.

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